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The Wonderful World of CBD: Anxiety

By Enjoinai Jenkins


Anxiety disorders may be caused by environmental factors, medical factors, genetics, substance abuse, or a combination of these. It is most commonly triggered by the stress in our lives. In trying to help alleviate anxiety disorders, research has shifted to how stress affects brain chemistry in relation to anxiety.

With similar neurological causes as depression, the level of serotonin in the body can affect how the body feels. Too little serotonin leads to depression, while too much causes anxiety in some people. Serotonin is naturally occurring though these natural chemicals. They can sometimes be lowered due to physical and environmental factors. When this happens, it can wreak havoc on mental health. General studies have indicated that CBD oil in some way impacts serotonin levels in the body.

The hippocampus is a major brain area that plays a critical role in a variety of brain functions. It’s most famous for its role in memory formation and cognition. Brain scans of patients suffering from depression or anxiety often show a smaller hippocampus. Successful treatment of depression is associated with the birth of new neurons (neurogenesis) in the hippocampus. Repeated administration of CBD may help with this neurogenesis, and in turn, new brain cells may be enough to decrease anxiety.

In a study, researchers used imaging scans to understand which brain regions are involved with CBD’s anti-anxiety effects. Results from these studies indicate increases in brain activity, and these patterns and results are consistent with effects of alleviating anxiety, irritability, fear and stress responses.

Another study found that CBD causes a reduction in blood flow to specific regions of the brain linked to anxiety, such as the hypothalamus. These regions typically become overactive in anxiety disorders, whereas CBD seems to quiet their activity.

With all the chemical corrections occurring in the body because of CBD, the physical symptoms of anxiety, such as nausea, headaches and tingling, insomnia, and muscle tension are relieved. Consider CBD as a nervous system reset.

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