Ivy League Royale and KOOLEY JONES connect again to and drop their second collaboration project entitled No Grav Vol.3


No Grav Vol. 3 (NG3)

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Midnight Paradise

Midnight Paradise was released March 2015 in Ivy League’s last year of law school. Completing this project, alongside Producer Remy Propser, in a 3 month timespan was a task in itself. He then decided to add the 10 bonus tracks in which he wrote in 2 weeks while in class.  This would project would bring his total released amount of tracks to 70 while attending law school. Take a listen to the mindset and feel the vibes of a 3rd year Law Student.


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.03.42 PM

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To Fall From Grace

Dropped 6 months after Before the End, “To Fall From Grace” was Ivy Leagues 2nd project dropped in 2012. After successful first project in with over 5k downloads he followed up with another 13 track project right before he decides to attend Florida State Law School. Torn between following his true passion in music or becoming something never seen before in the music industry, he delivers a heat felt project of the dilemma.



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Before The End

“Before the End” was the beginning of No Gravity Gang movement and Ivy Leagues Royale’s third official project. With over 6k downloads to date solely thru personal links, this project was the beginning of the artist he has continued to evolve into.



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